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  • Big house, big mouth

    Boston Magazine - 05/01/2014

    Before Aaron Hernandez ended up in his jail, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson was not particularly aware of TMZ. Leaning against the wall of what, until recently, had been the former Patriot’s cell, the 60-year-old sheriff says, “I do know it now.” The celebrity gossip site has all but had Hodgson on speed dial since Hernandez’s arrest in June. It works like this: Some TMZ reporter calls and asks a question like, Can Aaron Hernandez watch Patriots games? Hodgson answers, and then the site cranks out a story, complete with a quote from the sheriff and a big ol’ headline—“AARON HERNANDEZ BLOCKED FROM WATCHING NFL IN JAIL”—that zings all across the Internet. TMZ has also reported that Hernandez did not get cake on his birthday and, in case you were wondering, is not allowed to receive porn (though he has apparently been sent much of the homemade variety).