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  • A new social network surfaces, this one tuning in on sound

    BostInno - 03/10/2014

    When Snapchat Co-founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy appeared on The Colbert Report in April, Northeastern undergraduate Matteo Alampi sat by watching, inspired by this idea of “conversational photos.”

    Naysayers have said, “No one needs another social network.” Yet, despite that, new platforms have continued cropping up, seeing massive success. Snapchat, alone, has raised $123 million in total, turning down a $3 billion offer from Facebook in the process.

    Alampi is now striving to see similar success.

    Over the last seven months, Alampi has been building Sonical, a free, sound-based social networking app intended to make sharing experiences, ideas and information more personal.

    The app went live Sunday evening, and allows people to create seven-second “sound collages” through short, multi-clip recordings. Alampi settled on seven seconds after seeing how long it took him to comfortably read 140 characters of text on Twitter. With the time constriction in place, users are forced to be concise and make their posts “digestible.”