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  • Work From Home? How About Work From Anywhere?

    Forbes -- 12/06/2019

    But a recent study on working from anywhere, from two professors at Harvard Business School and Northeastern University and a Harvard doctoral candidate, suggests it might be something employers ought to try, as tech firms like Akamai and SAP already have.

  • In case of Berks County mom accused of killing children by hanging, did the system fail?

    The Morning Call -- 12/06/2019

    Jack Levin, a criminologist at Northeastern University in Boston who studies family murder, called the allegations against Snyder “strange in so many respects” and said it is difficult to develop a likely profile of her as a result.

  • Pennsylvania criminalizes accidental overdoses to the detriment of its people | Opinion

    Philadelphia Inquirer -- 12/06/2019

    Pennsylvania leads the nation in the use of this misguided and counterproductive approach, based on analysis from the Health in Justice Action Lab (at the Northeastern University School of Law) and data aggregation initiative Mission LISA. Despite a lack of evidence that these kinds of prosecutions curb drug use or overdose, DDRD charges increased by 1,267%statewide between 2013 and 2017.

  • ‘Heil Trump’ and an anti-gay slur scrawled on a church lead to an unlikely suspect – and a hoax

    Houston Chronicle -- 12/06/2019

    “Each one of these cases that happen is cited as a reason we shouldn’t have hate-crime legislation – that all hate crimes are made up,” said Jack McDevitt, director of the Institute on Race and Justice at Northeastern University.

  • Experts: Revenue boom will fade in next state budget cycle

    Telegram -- 12/06/2019

    Northeastern University economics professor Alan Clayton-Matthews, a senior contributing editor of MassBenchmarks, told the Joint Ways and Means Committee that he expects state tax revenues to total $31.804 billion in fiscal 2021 – a 3.5% rate of growth.

  • ‘Payback’ scrawled on the walls of penthouse condo where Boston doctors were murdered

    USA Today -- 12/05/2019

    Stephanie Roberts Hartung, a professor at Northeastern University School of Law who has been following the trial, told USA TODAY that Teixeira’s behavior suggests “he may not have been of sound mind.”…

  • Lawmakers are plowing $1.5 billion more into education. How will they pay for it? Good question.

    Boston Globe -- 12/05/2019

    Alan Clayton-Matthews, a Northeastern University professor who was among those who offered a financial forecast at a State House budget hearing Wednesday, estimated this week that state revenue collections would grow 3.5 percent from this year to next. …

  • High-tech machine detects terrorism and fentanyl

    ABC News -- 12/05/2019

    “Drug-checking is a legal gray area,” said Northeastern University law professor Leo Beletsky. “There are provisions in Massachusetts law and the laws of pretty much every other state that might be interpreted to consider drug-checking devices as ‘drug paraphernalia.’”…

  • Is Cruise Ship Crime Continuing To Climb?

    Forbes -- 12/05/2019

    In his paper, “Comparison of Violent Crime Rates at Sea and on Shore” (commissioned by CLIA) Dr. Fox, a professor at Northeastern University, noted, “This level of safety is particularly noteworthy given the high density of passengers and crew in relatively small space, the large number of closed quarters and the consumption of alcohol, all elements that are ordinarily considered risk factors.”…

  • To stop a tech apocalypse we need ethics and the arts

    The Conversation -- 12/04/2019

    Another advocate of the interdisciplinary approach is Joseph Aoun, President of Northeastern University in Boston. …

  • Brooks: How your gut shapes your mind: The wisdom your body knows

    Houston Chronicle -- 12/04/2019

    Lisa Feldman Barrett, of Northeastern University, also argues that a main purpose of the brain is to read the body, and to regulate what she calls the body budget.

  • Northeastern Professor Delivers Kennedy School Lecture on Social Networks and Fake News

    The Harvard Crimson -- 12/04/2019

    Northeastern University professor David Lazer discussed the impact of the internet on misinformation and the spread of political ideas at a lecture at the Harvard Kennedy School Tuesday.