In the Media

  • Power Up: Trump wants masks to be a 2020 wedge issue. But Americans, including Republicans, support them.

    The Washington Post -- 05/29/2020

    “The meaning we give to these masks matter,” Liz Bucar, a professor of religion at Northeastern University, told our colleague Robin Givhan about society’s sartorial shift.  …

  • US joins G7 artificial intelligence group to counter China

    Associated Press -- 05/29/2020

    U.S. involvement is important because of the large role that American tech firms play globally and its historic advocacy for human rights, said Kay Mathiesen, an associate professor focused on computer ethics at Northeastern University in Boston.

  • How Fear Spreads Coronavirus

    The Atlantic -- 05/29/2020

    But Tiffany Joseph, a sociologist at Northeastern University who studies health access in Boston’s immigrant neighborhoods, told me, “You should not underestimate how much the fear of ICE raids and the public-charge rule worsened the pandemic in Chelsea.”   “If you go to the hospital and it turns out you’re [COVID-19]-negative, and actually what you have is some other ailment, you’re screwed,” Wendy Parmet, a law professor at Northeastern, told me.

  • The Boston Marathon Has Been Canceled. What’s Next?

    WBUR -- 05/29/2020

    Sam Scarpino is a professor of network science who heads up Northeastern University’s Emergent Epidemics Lab. …

  • Why are we waiting for billionaires to save us?

    Salon -- 05/29/2020

    “A few ultra-wealthy individuals are making decisions about the future of the planet with little accountability or transparency,” said Matthew Nisbet, a professor of communication and public policy at Northeastern University in Boston. …

  • A Jewish Dynasty in a Changing China

    Wall Street Journal -- 05/28/2020

    —Mr. Kaufman is director of the School of Journalism at Northeastern University. This essay is adapted from his new book, “The Last Kings of Shanghai: The Rival Jewish Dynasties That Helped Create Modern China,” which will be published by Viking on June 2.

  • Congress Asked The CDC For Data On How The Coronavirus Is Affecting Communities Of Color. The CDC Sent Back Links To Its Public Website.

    Buzzfeed -- 05/28/2020

    “Thus far, the fragmented data we are getting from HHS, state, and local sources paint a very fragmented, but troubling picture,” Northeastern University health policy expert Leo Beletsky told BuzzFeed News in an email. “Systematic national data are necessary to understand the full scope of the issue and to target resources where they are most needed.

  • Most Americans Haven’t Stopped Trusting Scientists

    FiveThirtyEight -- 05/28/2020

    “I do think there’s maybe a lack of trust about the science of trust in science, though,” said David Lazer, a professor of political science at Northeastern University.

  • The toll of coronavirus: 100,000 and counting

    ABC News -- 05/28/2020

    “For many of us, there really is no comparison. You’d have to go back to the Vietnam War, which started 20 years before I was born,” said Assistant Professor Samuel V. Scarpino, Ph.D., of Northeastern University’s Network Science Institute. “There were about 50,000 deaths in battle during Vietnam, which is a war that lasted almost 10 years. In only a few months we’ve lost twice as many to COVID-19. Almost certainly this year COVID-19 will be the third-leading cause of death, behind heart disease and all cancers combined.”…

  • Trump Lashes Out as His Election Prospects Darken

    Time -- 05/28/2020

    “The headlines tomorrow will read 100,000 deaths,” says Gregory Goodale, an expert in political communication at Northeastern University. “Does Trump want Fox News to carry that headline, or Joe Scarborough is a murderer or Joe Biden is PC for wearing a mask or mail-in voting will rig the election?”…

  • How to fact-check coronavirus misinformation on social media

    Poynter -- 05/27/2020

    “Particularly if it’s a family member or a friend, there are also other things you might want to consider than just encouraging belief change,” said Briony Swire-Thompson, a postdoctoral researcher at Northeastern University’s Network Science Institute. “You might want to give the correction in a kind way, just because no one wants to be wrong.”…

  • Intellectual Property Law In The Race To A Coronavirus Vaccine

    WGBH -- 05/27/2020

    WGBH Morning Edition host Joe Mathieu spoke with Northeastern University law professor and WGBH News legal analyst Daniel Medwed about basic intellectual proprty law related to developing such a vaccine. …