In the Media

  • Roux Institute forges on ‘because of’ COVID-19 pandemic

    Portland Press Herald -- 01/19/2021

    Starting a new graduate school months before a global pandemic struck was not great timing for the Roux Institute at Northeastern University, but over the last year it has enrolled more than 100 students and forged relationships with more than 30 corporate, academic and community partners.

  • How Joe Biden’s Presidency Could Influence The Boston Marathon Bombing Case

    GBH -- 01/19/2021

    GBH Morning Edition host Joe Mathieu spoke with Northeastern University law professor and GBH News legal analyst Daniel Medwed to learn more about how Biden could react to the federal death penalty and what it could mean for the Boston Marathon bombing case. …

  • Harnessing The Inclusion Imperative

    Forbes -- 01/19/2021

    Dr. Curtis Odom is the Managing Partner at Prescient Strategists, and an Executive Professor of Management at Northeastern University.

  • Northeastern hosts 51st MLK Memorial Breakfast virtually

    WHDH 7 News -- 01/19/2021

    Northeastern University held the 51st annual MLK Memorial Breakfast online this year, but still brought people together to celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King.

  • U.S. coronavirus deaths projected to hit 500,000 in February, experts say it was avoidable

    Boston Herald -- 01/19/2021

    Sam Scarpino, assistant professor in the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University said, “This was largely avoidable.” In the long-term, both Scarpino and MacLeod said deaths can be prevented with a combination of increased vaccine supply, stronger testing infrastructure and better public health measures.

  • Are you ready for remote work 3.0?

    The Globe and Mail -- 01/19/2021

    Christopher Riedl, an associate professor at Northeastern University, and Anita Williams Woolley, an associate professor at Carnegie Mellon University, found that you want to co-ordinate remote communication in your team so it takes place in concentrated periods followed by time walled off for individual.

  • Gig Workers Are Employees. Start Treating Them That Way.

    The New York Times -- 01/19/2021

    In ongoing research with colleagues at Northeastern University, one of us, Dr. Schor, analyzed a delivery platform that converted its California workers to employees before the passage of the 2019 law.

  • Volunteers help out at COVID-19 vaccine centers in exchange for an early vaccine

    Salon -- 01/19/2021

    Daniel Aldrich, professor and director of the Security and Resilience Studies Program at Northeastern University, began studying resilience in disasters after his home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Since then, he’s conducted a lot of research on how communities bounce back from a crisis—like the Great East Japan Earthquake.

  • U.S. COVID Vaccine Rollout ‘Extremely Poor’—But Some States Buck the Trend

    Newsweek -- 01/19/2021

    “Extremely poor,” was the phrase used by both Nada R. Sanders, distinguished professor of supply chain management at Northeastern University, and Tim Ford, professor and chair in biomedical and nutritional Sciences at the University of Massachusetts. Professor Stephen E. Flynn, founding director of the Global Resilience Institute at Northeastern University, said: “Planning matters. National leadership matters. A strong public healthcare system matters. The United States has lacked all three.”…

  • When will the pandemic peak in Mass.? Too many variables make it hard to predict

    Boston Globe -- 01/19/2021

    Samuel V. Scarpino, director of Northeastern University’s Emergent Epidemics Lab, said he’s getting mixed signals in tracking COVID-19 in Massachusetts. “Some signs are pointing to a peak coming imminently and things improving. And others are pointing in a more concerning direction,” he said.