In the Media

  • Black neighborhoods still see most bike tickets, police data show

    Chicago Tribune -- 09/17/2019

    It is possible that because there are more police patrolling high-crime areas, there are more chances to see unlawful biking and issue tickets, criminologist James Alan Fox of Northeastern University in Boston told the Tribune. …

  • Do American Jews Really Care About – Or Understand – Israel’s Elections?

    Forward -- 09/17/2019

    One night last week Waxman, a professor of Israel studies at Northeastern University, was fretting over an op-ed he wants to write about the outcome of Israel’s elections, in which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seeking to extend his already record-breaking time in office.

  • Don’t Narc on Kids’ Nerf Guns Unless You Want Potentially Tragic Confrontations

    Reason -- 09/16/2019

    The numbers we do have are too small to suggest any conclusions, says Northeastern University criminologist James Alan Fox. “There is no evidence that we are in the midst of an epidemic of mass shootings,” Fox told Reason last month.

  • A Gap Year Students Can Get Credit For

    Inside Higher Ed -- 09/16/2019

    Additionally, some universities like Northeastern University and New York University’s Liberal Studies offers freshmen the opportunity to spend their first semester or year abroad.

  • How companies benefit when employees work remotely

    Forbes India -- 09/16/2019

    “While prior academic research has studied productivity effects of ‘working from home’ that gives workers temporal flexibility, ‘work from anywhere’ goes a step further and provides both temporal and geographic flexibility,” says Choudhury, who co-authored the paper, (Live and) Work from Anywhere: Geographic Flexibility and Productivity Effects at the United States Patent Office (pdf), with HBS doctoral student Cirrus Foroughi and Barbara Larson, executive professor of management at Northeastern University.

  • The real history behind Dior’s Sauvage campaign

    The Washington Post -- 09/16/2019

    Christopher M. Parsons is associate professor of history at Northeastern University and author of “A Not-So-New World: Empire and Environment in French Colonial North America.”…

  • AI Is A Growing Part Of The Criminal Justice System. Should We Be Worried?

    Science Friday -- 09/16/2019

    But experts on facial expression, like Lisa Feldman Barrett, a professor of psychology at Northeastern University, warn it’s extremely unlikely these algorithms could detect emotions based on facial expressions and movements alone. …

  • Newton grapples with an identity crisis — and the most hotly contested local elections in a generation

    Boston Globe -- 09/16/2019

    Northeastern University researchers warned the city five years ago that rising real estate prices were fueling an exodus of people aged 25 to 44.

  • The Critters Doing $114 Million in Damage to Brooklyn’s Piers

    The New York Times -- 09/16/2019

    Marine borers have plagued port cities around the world for centuries, according to Dan Distel, the director of the Ocean Genome Legacy Center at Northeastern University in Massachusetts.

  • ‘There Is No Longer a Front-Runner’

    Politico -- 09/16/2019

    Alan Schroeder is a professor in the school of journalism at Northeastern University in Boston. Schroeder is the author of several books, including Presidential Debates: Risky Business on the Campaign Trail.

  • A Promising Brain-Regenerating Drug May Only Work for Women and Babies, a Mouse Study Suggests

    Gizmodo -- 09/16/2019

    Earlier this May, scientist Rebecca Shansky of Northeastern University in the US city of Boston wrote about the ongoing need to stamp out sex bias in medical research, starting with lab animals, and the harm it can cause.

  • What a Purdue settlement would mean for fighting the opioid crisis

    PBS NewsHour -- 09/16/2019

    Given how much money is needed to confront this crisis, Leo Beletsky, who directs the Health in Justice Action Lab at Northeastern University, said this settlement is “ a drop in the bucket.”…