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Election 2020

Everything you need to know about the 2020 election cycle featuring research and expert analysis by Northeastern’s faculty

In the first presidential debate, the shouting drowned out the body language

The first presidential debate of 2020 was unlike any other that Laura Dudley, an assistant clinical professor at Northeastern who specializes in body language, has seen. As she analyzed the candidates’ non-verbal cues, she said, it was impossible for her to overlook the shouting, interrupting, and name-calling between the rivals. Judge for yourself.

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Did anyone really win the first presidential debate?

Tuesday’s debate between Republican incumbent Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden was marked more by what it wasn’t—a coherent advocacy of policy differences—than what it was. The showdown was nearly 90 minutes of cross-talk, interruptions, and shouting that “both men probably lost,” said Nicholas Beauchamp, assistant professor of political science at Northeastern University.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves behind an unmatched legacy. How might her death shape the 2020 election and beyond?

The 87-year-old Supreme Court Justice will be memorialized as an iconic figure who faced and overcame discrimination to make history as the second woman to ever serve on the nation’s highest court. “Ginsburg basically changed the way that the Supreme Court and American culture understand gender equality and the meaning of sex-based discrimination,” says Dan Urman, a Constitutional law expert at Northeastern.

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