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How news headlines of James Comey’s dismissal evolved over two weeks

On May 9, President Donald J. Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. In the intervening two weeks, the saga continued, and we at News@Northeastern have been following the developments and reporting on some of its multifaceted angles, from the immediate reaction to his dismissal, to the fallout from Comey’s memo, to the role of anonymous sources in this story. We weren’t the only ones.

We combed through 14,000 headlines from news articles nationwide related to Trump and Comey to track the words they used. Click through the visualization below to see the most commonly used words over two weeks of reporting and see the corresponding headlines.

(We omitted all forms of the words “Comey,” “Trump,” “FBI,” “President,” “director,” and “fire” in the visualization below.)

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Results for headlines containing Russia

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